Tällä kertaa vähän toisenlaisia.

Perustivat tänne paikallisen SETA:n. Aikamoinen parkuhan siitä on seurannut. Nettikeskusteluissahan mopo tuppaa ihmisiltä karkailemaan yleensäkin, mutta kyllä taas saa suu auki katsella mitä paikallisella forumilla asiasta kirjoitetaan. Kaikista järkyttävintä on se että kohta seuraavat kirjoitukset heijastelevat aikalailla täysin täkäläistä ilmapiiriä, joka ei siis eroa käsittääkseni juurikaan Saharan eteläpuolisen Afrikan suhtautumisesta asiaan. Tässäpä vähän lontoonkielistä luettavaa sinne kotomaahan:

  • You gay people * want to know if there is any verse in the Bible or "Koran" which encourages homosexuality?
  • Malawians are respected world wide for their reach culture, the way we preserve our culture has been marvelous , it is absurd to hear that a few mentally challenged individuals want to spoil our image in the name of being a gay or Resbian this is total madness.

    Malawi is in africa not in europe or asia or america, pliz dont spoil our nation with your borrowed culture, thats total madness

    "mupite kunja koko ngati mukufuna"
  • this is fucked up,you motherfuckers should burn in hell,how could yall do this when PUSSY is so delicious?
  •   this is fucked up,you motherfuckers should burn in hell,how could yall do this when PUSSY is so delicious?
  •  That group should go to hell with such immoral behavoiur surely that wont be allowed in our country.We know that these are ******* agents.Of which no sane Malawian would rally behind these people be it a lay moslem or christian.
    Simply go to hell and perish with your "matanyula khalidwe".And Iam sure these are the once rejected people in the society(ex-convicts)Now you are out but you cant repent.* hope you deserve life custodial sentence!!!!!!!!!!!
  •  If dogs don'* do it, if chickens don'* do it, if ants don'* do it and even our next door neighbours golliras and chimps don'* do it, why should human do it? Those who do it are worse than dogs and pigs. Do not bring western ****** things into Malawi? The white man brought christianity and we happen to be better preachers than the white man. If we accept this homosexuality we will be worse than the white man himself. Take out please.
  •  Why hiding the surname if the activities are of good to people of Malawi? The hiding of the surname for the leader of the gays, shows he is ashamed of the activities which are planned and practiced by them. This is a thing that even dogs cannot do and for humans with the created in the image of the Most High is uncalled for and unacceptable. Therefore, do not allow these people to infiltate our beautiful Malawi. If they want, let them do it whereever they see is fit for them, but do not change laws to accomodate such silly and ****** things.
  •  When shall people realise that thinking something is natural doesn'* make athing natural. All nature is evidenced its creation form and by thinking.
    How many rights have brought irresponsibility,disorders,catastrophies in our society??!! TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY, HONOUR AND POWER.
  •  ***** inu, what is your problem, mathanyula chifukwa chiyani? uchitsiru basi. No sane MP or civil rights activitists wanna entertain that. And if * were Bingu * would have flashed out these nincompoops and burn them live. You remember Soddom and Gommora? The trigger happy police officers should aim at these pocupines with live bullets.
  • These are really ending times. The same things happened in Sodom & Gomola and what did God do. Repent!!!!!!
  •  God created man and woman to have sexual intercourse. He created Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Nowhere we have seen in the Bible or even the Holy Quoran that man marries another man nor woman marry another woman. Umenewu ndi usatana komanso *****. God designed these reproductive systems accordingly. AMALAWI zongotengera tengera izi tizaononga dziko lathu. Nooo to Homosexual, it is illegal anywhere.
  •  Umenewu ndiye timati Uchitsiru. * don'* think the sober Malawian MPs can repeal the law to accommodate this blasphemous behaviour. Kodi dzikoli likupita kuti? If Mc Leod knew that what he is doing is right in the eyes of the Lord why hiding his surname. Angotiuza kumene amakumana we will take the law in our hands. that'* stupidity at its best
  • Ha!!! poor malawi, what is this, people coming out opanda manyazi boasting they are gay/lesibian, what is this? lets pray for our beloved malawi.
  • Whoever is advocating for Gays and Lesbian in Malawi should be half mad.* have never seen even a male dog or pig mating another male.If a dog knows what to do whatmore with a human being who was created in the image of God?Gentlemen if you have nothing to offer Malawians,do not confuse us with useless beliefs.Human rights or not,Mr Mcleod whoever he is should go to hell and get lost.Which Malawians is he sensitising and for what?And you Nyasatimes we do not even want to see this picture of the two men kissing..It irritates me.Plse get it out the sooner the better.
  • Rights or No Rights. To hell with homesexuality.Thats a taboo in Malawi. If a dog knows its companoin why not a human being.


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